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LessDaily.com is the website about Blogging, News, Entertainment, Health, Sports, Technology, Food & much more. you can edit, add new or remove categories as you want. Its fully Automated.


    LessDaily.com  gets Organic traffics from Major Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo & also Referral traffic.


    It is amazingly easy to update site on WordPress Platform with No running cost. Totally SEO optimized with extremely high CPM & CTR keywords Blogging, News, Entertainment, Health, Sports, Technology, Foods.

    1. Built With: WordPress

    2.   Page Authority 11

    3.   Domain Authority 28

    4.   SEOmoz Rank   5

    5.   SEMrush Rank 2095460

    6.   Root Domains 40

    7.   Total Links   337000

    No Maintenance Required

    The site does not require any maintenance at all, LessDaily.com is fully automated. it means the site runs itself, automatically update latest content daily. I spent months on this website to develop.

    Sale Includes:

    Premium Domain & unique website design, Original content with Free Hosting or we can transfer the website over to your hosting account. we will work with the new owner to get the Domain and website’s Huge database transfer to new owners account. This sale will be the final & return will not be accepted.

    Income source:

    LESS Daily as a Blogging, News, Entertainment, Health, Sports, Technology, Food & much more, these keywords are very high pay rate. You can also charge other companies to list their banners on your website to attract visitors to their company’s websites.

    Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense:

    You can add affiliate banners and earn an Extra commission from affiliate companies. You can also add banners or text links as part of the Google Adsense system.


The purchase of this website comes with free email support. This sale will be the final, no return will be accepted.

Any questions?

Email us:  info@dmdweb.com   we usually response within an hour. 24/7

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